Best Baby Names NOT in the Top 100

Each generation is defined by its baby names. The Jessicas and Jacobs of the 80s and 90s and the Avas and Liams of today are just some of the ways names define who we are and the time we're born. Recently, there's been a push amongst parents to name their babies something unique as a way to bond with them and give them a special spark in this world. 

However, there's a balance to this. Parents want names that are unique, but not difficult to spell or remember. At the same time, they don't want their child to be one of 5 other Noahs in class. What's the solution? There are a lot of unique baby names that AREN'T on the top 100 name lists. These are classics that are making a comeback as well as names adopted from other cultures. They're a great fit for your little one! 

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50 Girls Names Not in the Top 100

  1. Adela
  2. Agatha
  3. Augusta
  4. Blanche
  5. Blythe
  6. Bree
  7. Cecily
  8. Charity
  9. Cordelia
  10. Darcy
  11. Delia
  12. Delphine
  13. Elanora
  14. Elodie
  15. Eugenie
  16. Gretchen
  17. Harriet
  18. Hillary
  19. Jessamine
  20. Justice
  21. Lois
  22. Lucinda
  23. Marigold
  24. Melinda
  25. Minnie
  26. Nell
  27. Olympia
  28. Pia
  29. Polly
  30. Portia
  31. Petal
  32. Petra
  33. Rosalind
  34. Rowena
  35. Roxanne
  36. Sally
  37. Sela
  38. Suzanne
  39. Sybil
  40. Tabitha
  41. Tess
  42. Theodora
  43. Theresa
  44. Verena
  45. Verity
  46. Viola
  47. Winifred
  48. Zadie
  49. Zella
  50. Zinnia

50 Boys Names Not in the Top 100

  1. Ambrose
  2. Ansel
  3. Archie
  4. Basil
  5. Beck
  6. Bernard
  7. Caesar
  8. Clement
  9. Cortez
  10. Dmitri
  11. Edmund
  12. Ewan
  13. Finnian
  14. Florian
  15. Floyd
  16. Garrison
  17. Gray
  18. Guy
  19. Hawthorne
  20. Homer
  21. Horatio
  22. Hubert
  23. Huck
  24. Humphrey
  25. Jennings
  26. Jupiter
  27. Kermit
  28. Leander
  29. Luther
  30. Merlin
  31. Murray
  32. Nobel
  33. Osias
  34. Palmer
  35. Penn
  36. Perseus
  37. Prescott
  38. Remus
  39. Rockwell
  40. Rupert
  41. Seymour
  42. Stellan
  43. Sylvester
  44. Ulysses
  45. Virgil
  46. Was
  47. Willard
  48. Wolfgang
  49. Woodrow
  50. Zacharias

Choosing the Best Name

How you choose your name is entirely up to you. This is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. It almost makes all those pregnancy symptoms worth it! Almost! Because it's often challenging to find the perfect name, consider the following:

  • What significance do names have in your family?
  • Would you like to connect your child's name to your culture or heritage?
  • How will this name age over time?

Aside from these questions, choose something that speaks to you and your partner. This is one of the most stressful parts of the new baby checklist, so take your time. 

In the meantime, treat yourself, mama! You deserve a bit of TLC during this unique time in your life. Lounge in our favorite milk bath or use a relaxing face scrub. Your body deserves it after all its hard work.

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Making the Most of Your Baby's Name

There likely isn't a perfect name out there, so remember what's most important to you. As long as you and your partner love the name, you've found a winner. 

Baby names are often given a bit too much weight. While names always come and go, it's our choices that really define who we are, not our names. If you find the name that fits your baby, go for it, mama!