Best Podcasts for New Moms

New mom life comes with new challenges. There are the late-night feedings, the sleep deprivation, and ongoing changes to your body like postpartum hair loss. All of these things are hard on a person, but they can also feel really isolating. 

The good news is you're not alone, mama! There are plenty of podcasts out there that capture these feelings and more. If you're a new mom looking to learn from others who've walked in your footsteps or just to feel understood, try these podcasts below. 

best podcasts for new moms

One Bad Mother

If you're in need of some laughs (what mom isn't?), you need to listen to One Bad Mother podcast. One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn all about motherhood. They talk about everything from Santa Claus to postpartum sex. 

These hosts aren't afraid to face the more humorous, challenging aspects of motherhood. With listener calls and expert tips, this is just what you need to power through even the most embarrassing mom-life moment. 

Hello Bump

Hello Bump is a resource for new moms and pregnant women everywhere. Though this podcast ended in 2017, it's the perfect series for any woman undergoing one of life's biggest changes. With episodes covering just about everything, you'll never feel alone in your changing body again. 


Let's face it—giving birth is intense. It can leave you feeling a bit alien in your own body. The Birthful podcast seeks to share women's stories to help you understand the changes happening in your body as well as what you can expect from life after giving birth. Think of this podcast as the birth course everyone needs, even in your postpartum months. 

The New Normal

If you're in need of some new mom chat, listen to The New Normal. This is a podcast for multitasking parents who want to cover topics like life, kids, partnerships, and even working. Hosted by Emma and Tess, this podcast quickly feels like a close friend. 

There's a lot to love about this duo, but it's their honesty that makes it so worthwhile. Hearing their struggles and real-life experiences make everything feel so relatable. 

Not By Accident

Not By Accident is documentary podcast series all about choosing to become a single mother. When Sophie Harper turned 38, she decided it was time to take matters of motherhood into her own hands. Though she wished to be in a relationship before embarking into becoming a mom, life sometimes has other plans. 

Now, single-mom Sophie recounts her journey from the insemination clinic to living with her daughter years later. She tells her story with real-life audio from these important events. You'll want to binge all the episodes at once—they're so good! 

Bath time self-care

Why Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts are the perfect way to unwind and feel like you're interacting with other grown-ups. It's no secret that babies are exhausting. Sometimes you can't tune out the world when you need to focus on your little one. 

Listening to a podcast is the perfect way to get that much-needed connection from the comfort of your own home. Whether you listen to a podcast while you're getting baby ready for nap time or on your morning commute, let these recommendations support you as a new mom

We recommend listening to one of these picks while doing your self-care routine for an extra dose of calmness! Why not listen while having a milk bath or while applying a face mask?

You'll let go of that stress in no time. You've got this, mama!