How Do You Overcome Morning Sickness?

The very name morning sickness is enough to stop soon-to-be moms in their tracks. These queasy, stomach-churning feelings are uncomfortable at their best and downright miserable at their worst. 

Over half of all pregnant women report feeling morning sickness during their pregnancy. While it's not harmful, it can seriously get in the way of your personal life, career, and comfort.

Pregnancy symptoms often come and go, but morning sickness is something most women never want to experience. Here are some tips for easing morning sickness once and for all. 

Overcome morning sickness

1. Eat Smaller Meals

Instead of sticking to the typical 3 meals per day, cut down to smaller meals. Having smaller meals more frequently is much easier on your stomach than trying to eat a lot at once. 

In addition, drink fluids before your meals. Try not to go overboard on sugary beverages like soda or juice. Keep it simple. Don't forget about keeping yourself hydrated! The same goes for your skin, so bring a toner or moisturizer with you on the go. Our favorite all-natural pick is the Mermaid Sea Water Spray

2. Stay Cool

Warm weather and temperatures can make morning sickness worse. We've all experienced how uncomfortable it is to be hot, sweaty, and nauseous. 

If possible, keep your home cool. Use a personal fan at work or when out and about. Dress down to keep air circulating close to your body. Using a toner while you're out and about can help with feeling cool. Our Shine No More Honey Spray has you covered no matter what. 

3. Stock Up on Fresh Scents

An easy tip for counter-balancing nausea is to smell something fresh. Morning sickness is more often than not smell-associated. That means bad smells can make it worse. 

Instead, stock up on more pleasant smells that distract you from less pleasant ones. The best ones for pregnancy are lemon or fresh rosemary. 

For an easy on-the-go scent boost, try our Orange You Lucky lip scrub. For home, use the all-over Making Lemonade body scrub

Tips for overcoming morning sickness with lemon

4. Track Your Sickness

Do you always feel the swell of nausea in the afternoon? Your coworker's daily snack might be to blame. Do you find yourself running to the bathroom after breakfast? You might need to eat later in the day. 

Tracking your morning sickness helps you notice the trends. Once you've found the culprit, you can steer clear of these nausea triggers. 

5. Watch for Eye Strain

Did you know undetectable eye strain could be causing you those rumblings in your stomach as well? We love looking at our favorite devices, but all of that light adds up to some big side effects. 

Eye strain caused by computers, phones, tablets, and so on is bad news. These lights have undetectable strobe effects, causing our eyes to strain throughout the day. All of that light movement results in nausea for many. Adjust the light settings on your devices or use dark mode to combat this. 

6. Prepare Ahead

Sometimes morning sickness just isn't avoidable. Learning how to plan ahead will save you a lot of trouble. Create a pregnancy survival kit to pack with you in your purse so you're never caught off guard. 

What should you include in your pregnancy survival kit? Some good must-haves are a bottle of mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, a clean shirt, and crackers. While nobody wants to throw up in public, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Overcome Morning Sickness

The good news about morning sickness is that it's always temporary. Most women only experience morning sickness during the first trimester. If you're currently dealing with morning sickness, keep an eye on the calendar to see how much longer you have left. 

You don't have to suffer through morning sickness without taking any steps. These tips above will help you overcome your morning sickness in small ways!