How Do You Protect Baby's Skin in the Winter?

As a mom, you're probably mindful of your own skincare during the wintertime. But what about your baby? When the temperatures cool, babies and toddlers' skin is extra sensitive. 

How do you protect your little one from the chilly air? Follow these skincare tips to restore your baby's skin without any harsh chemicals or irritants. Baby skin is sensitive, so make sure you follow these tips. 

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What Skincare Problems Do Baby's Face?

First, let's talk about the type of skincare problems you can expect your baby to experience in the wintertime. Depending on where you live, the air becomes cold and dry once December comes around. This change does a number on the baby's delicate skin. 

In the winter, you'll likely notice extra dry, chapped skin. You'll notice this yourself, especially with your lips. Using a lip scrub is a great way for moms to combat this, but babies rely on you to keep their skin healthy. Your baby's skin could start peeling if it gets especially chapped, and it won't be comfortable for your little one. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent this. 

Steps to Protect Your Baby's Skin

Since the winter air is so tough, here are the best tips for protecting your baby or toddler's skin. However, skincare isn't something you should only worry about in the wintertime! Make it a part of your regular routine so your baby's skin is always soft and healthy.

Take short baths. 

Long bath times are fun, but all that water can do a number on your baby's skin. Too much time playing in the tub is drying to skin. For babies (especially newborns) avoid overbathing. A bath 3-4 times a week is more than enough. For toddlers, keep bath time short in the winter. 

To make bathtime extra healing and relaxing, using a milk bath. Our bonding bath is perfectly safe for babies, and it does wonders for their skin (and yours). 

Invest in the right moisturizer. 

Pay attention to your baby's moisturizer. Not all lotions are created equal, and some could do more harm than good. If your baby has dry or sensitive skin, look for products that are artificial fragrance and additive-free. 

The best time to apply moisturizer is just after bathtime. This is when your child's skin is already damp, so apply the moisturizer generously. You might need to try a few to find the best fit. 

The same goes for your own moisturizer, mama! Using a natural, gentle creme like our Mint Chocolate Cravings facial cream is the perfect way to treat your skin during the winter. 

Keep your house at the right temperature. 

Are you constantly fretting over your home's thermostat? It pays to take a step back from that dial.

It makes sense to combat the cold by turning up the heat in your home, but you might be drying out everyone's skin even more. Instead, keep the house a moderately cool temperature and bundle up. Too much heat can actually have the opposite effect on your baby's skin. 

Check your laundry detergent. 

Your laundry detergent also could make skin dry and chapped. This is especially true for sensitive baby skin. Always use a laundry detergent that is baby-friendly and fragrance-free. Natural is usually better! 

Moisturize before leaving the house. 

Finally, the best way to prevent that dreaded chapped lip and cheek feeling in baby's and toddlers is to always moisturize before you leave the house. 

Apply a fragrance-free, baby-safe lotion or cream directly to your baby's face as well as a balm for the lips. While it's easy to think you only need to moisturize after a bath, this simply isn't true. Do your best to layer up to keep the wind from hitting your baby's face. 

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Don't Forget About Your Skin

Last but not least, don't forget about your own skin! The winter is harsh on everyone, not just babies. If mama's skin is dry and flaky, you won't be able to focus on your baby.

During the winter, treat yourself to hyper-moisturizing scrubs. Here are our favorites that will keep your skin moist and smooth all winter:

Are you ready to beat the wintertime blues? Now is the time to stock up on your skin-saving favorites for baby and mama alike. 

Don't let the winter chill leave your baby's skin dry and cracked. Take action to protect that baby smooth skin you love so much.