How to Carve Mom Time Into Your Busy Life

If it sometimes feels like you're juggling endless schedules, chores, and activities, you're not alone. It's easy to put your me-time aside and focus on your kids, partner, and just about everything else in your life—but this is only a recipe for disaster. 

When you skip me-time, you start to burn out. You're more likely to get angry, feel tired, and take these feelings out on your family. Nobody wants that, plus it's just a way to experience more anxiety.

What's the solution? Since it's not yet possible to create more hours in the day, you'll need to learn how to carve mom time into your busy life. Not sure where to start? Try these methods below. 

Carve out your time as a mom

1. Stop Falling for Mom Guilt

Women are the first ones to push themselves farther than they can go because there's so much pressure to "do it all." Self-criticism is hard, especially for moms. When you spend time on yourself instead of your kids, household chores, or something else "productive," you might feel guilty. 

Stop falling for mom guilt. Moms have needs and feelings of their owns, just like everyone else. These needs don't suddenly disappear when you give birth. It's okay if you don't get to the dishes every night or if your kids don't have several structured activities.

You need to know when it's time to put yourself first, whether that means taking time each day to apply a face mask or relaxing with a favorite podcast

2. Ask for Help

It's so hard to ask for help when you feel like you should be juggling everything. But you don't have to handle everything on your own. It's normal to ask your spouse, a friend, or a family member for help when you need it. 

Getting help frees up time you can then use for yourself. Odds are these loved ones actually want to support you, and they just might not know the best way to do it. Make things easy by asking them to help with any of the following:

  • Drive the kids to school
  • Give you the afternoon alone
  • Put the kids to bed
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Do a few household chores

A lot of people don't know what you need help with until you ask. Instead of feeling resentful, ask for help when you need it. You deserve it, mama!

3. Schedule Me-Time

It might sound unusual to schedule your me-time, but this is essential for busy moms. When you have so many other things to do, how do you make sure you actually get to enjoy your me-time? Schedule it. 

By schedule, we mean literally write it on the calendar. Let your friends and family know this is the time you'd like to have for yourself. It doesn't have to be a full day or even half the day. It could just be an hour after dinner every Friday, or a morning to sleep in on the weekends. Just make sure you stick with it. 

The full 8 hours scrub

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4. Build Your Self-Care Routine

Once you have a self-care routine you love, you'll have an easier time protecting your me-time. A lot of moms struggle with wanting time to themselves, only to not know what to do with it once it actually happens. 

Not sure where to begin? We've got you covered:

Your self-care routine doesn't need to be complicated, mama. Just make sure it's something you look forward to! Making the most of the time you have to yourself is key to feeling refreshed. 

5. Get More Sleep

Last but not least, make sure you're getting enough sleep. Falling asleep and staying asleep as a mom feels impossible, but you need to invest in your wellbeing. 

You don't have to do this alone. Using a sleepytime scrub with aromatherapy can help you achieve better sleep without the hassle. It might take time, but it's worth the effort. 

Protect Your Time, Mama!

Your time to yourself is sacred. You deal with enough as a mom as it is, from the sleep deprivation to the late nights. Don't let anything get in the way of the time you keep for yourself. 

While you should balance the needs of your family, it's also essential to protect your own time and energy. If you don't give yourself much-needed me-time, you risk burnout, anger, and resentment. How will you put yourself first, mama?