How to Survive Life with a Newborn: 7 Real-Life Hacks

Welcome to the 4th trimester, mama. As you learn to navigate your new life as a mama, whether it's your first time or your third, you'll want all the help you can get. 

There are a lot of ways to help a new mom out, but how does one actually survive life with a newborn? Sometimes a few life hacks change the game to take the stress out of those late nights and endless days. Try these 7 real-life hacks to master living with a newborn.

1. Good Sleep Habits

Yep, you guessed it. The first hack has to do with sleep. While newborns sleep around 16 - 17 hours per day, they also wake up frequently. Dealing with these 4 am wakeups is understandably draining, so what do you do?

Now is the time to get into healthy sleep habits. Practice what's known as "the pause." This simply means that when the baby stirs, they might not need your attention right away.

Don't rush in ASAP without a short pause. The baby might just fall asleep in a few seconds. If you need help sticking to the pause, set a short timer. Even if it's just 2 minutes, you'd be surprised what you might discover. 

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2. Take Your Own Sleep Seriously

Even if your baby has trouble sleeping, you need to fight for your quality sleep. Sleep insomnia is very normal in new parents, but you'll need to take action quickly. Sleep deprivation has negative effects on your mental and physical health. 

To help, trade off on "wake up duty" with your partner or ask another family member for help. Don't be afraid to use aromatherapy, melatonin, or other things to naturally fall asleep. Our Full 8 Hours sleepytime scrub is the perfect blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils to get you better sleep, mama. 

3. Store Burp Cloths Everywhere

If your baby is sitting up and eating solid foods, you might only need to have your bibs and burp cloths in the kitchen during meal times. With a newborn, err on the side of caution and just have these literally everywhere around your home. 

It's okay if you need to embrace the clutter a little bit. Have burp cloths anywhere you feed your baby, whether it's in your bedroom, the baby's room, the kitchen, or the living room. 

4. Have Several Places to Put the Baby

Let's face it, you can't hold your newborn all the time. Sometimes you need a moment to yourself, or you just need to wash your face. You need somewhere safe to put your baby down in these moments, preferably more than one place. 

A newborn lounger, baby mat, and a crib make all the difference. Invest in a baby monitor so you can always keep an eye on them.

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5. Take a Breastfeeding Course

While fed is always best, if you're planning on breastfeeding, don't be afraid to take a course. This doesn't always come naturally to new moms, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. 

There are a lot of online and in-person courses that walk you through breastfeeding. If this is something you're interested in, talk to your doctor, your hospital, or search a local mom group.

Don't forget to be kind to your breasts and find the best ways to promote milk production if you do choose to breastfeed. Our Milk Jugs scrub is designed with oat and Blessed Thistle extracts to help increase production. 

6. Layered Diaper Trick

One of the most dreaded chores of newborn life is the endless diapers. All new parents know this struggle! To avoid a mess, put a new diaper under the old one BEFORE you remove the old diaper. 

It only takes one accident to know why this is such an essential hack. Even if you're not sure the best strategy, try this one first. 

7. Make Time for Yourself

This isn't so much of a hack as it is essential. As a new mom, the focus is all on your baby. This is important, of course, since your baby needs you so much during this stage. 

However, if you let your own self-care fall to the side, you'll start to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. While this is normal for new parents, it doesn't have to be. 

There are a lot of self-care activities you can do with your baby that won't get in the way of your busy schedule. Taking time for yourself doesn't have to be complicated! Treating yourself to our postpartum collection or self-care set is the best way to ensure you're always taking a moment to put yourself first. 

Staying Sane with a Newborn

Newborns rely on us for everything, and that can drive even the most stable parent a little crazy. It's a lot to keep up with, especially if this is your first child. 

Luckily, these hacks above ease the stress of newborn life in a big way. From making sure you get the rest you need to keeping baby clean, don't be afraid to try something new.