Self-Care Activities for a Healthy Pregnancy

When you're pregnant, your nesting instincts are out in full force. It's all about getting ready for baby, but what about the mama-to-be? While it's true you should spend time preparing your hospital bag and creating your birth plan, don't forget to spend some time on mama too. 

How can you take care of your health and wellness during your pregnancy? Both your health routine and your self-care routine are equally important. While your doctor is there to help you with your health routine, here are the best self-care activities for your pregnancy. 

Pregnant woman

Ask for Help

One of the first ways to improve your self-care routine during pregnancy is to simply ask for help. As a woman, it's easy to feel pressured to "do it all." Asking someone for help, whether it's your partner, your friend, or another family member, is a great way to ease some of this pregnancy stress. 

What can people help with?

  • Cleaning - A lot of cleaning chemicals aren't safe for baby, so instead recruit some help. You might also consider outsourcing your cleaning to a cleaning service. 
  • Cooking - While eating healthy is a must during pregnancy, cooking is a tiring chore. Let your partner do some of the heavy liftings in the kitchen!
  • Planning for baby - While it's fun to get into the habit of planning for baby, don't feel like you're in this alone. Your friends and family are there to help. 
  • Prioritizing self-care - Ask your partner or a friend to take over while you make time for self-care. You might use a body scrub for aches and pains or a deep cleaning natural scalp scrub. It's all about taking care of your body! 

Put Your Feet Up

We mean this literally! Putting your feet up helps with the swelling and other pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. No matter where you are, don't be afraid to admit you need a break. 

You might find yourself needing to put your feet up in unexpected places like work, date night, or even just around the house. This is normal and nothing to feel embarrassed about!

Get a Haircut

One of the most surprising symptoms of pregnancy is your hair growth! Your locks are working overtime, and you actually lose less hair than normal during pregnancy. This might leave you overwhelmed with your hairstyle, so recruit some professionals to help. 

Getting a haircut or trim more often than usual is a must during your pregnancy. Not only will you feel more confident, but then you don't have to worry about getting a trim as quickly after labor. 

Go to the Movies

Even if you're not a huge moviegoer, try to see a few blockbuster flicks while you have a chance. Going to the movies with a newborn or a young baby just isn't possible, plus you'll likely be limited to seeing kids movies in the theaters soon. As much as we love Frozen and other cartoons, they're not always the most exciting. 

Why not take advantage while you have the chance? Better yet, this is another excuse to put your feet up! Enjoy these little pleasures while you can, mama!

Shower yoga

Treat Yourself to Safe Self-Care Products

While you do need to be careful about certain ingredients in your beauty and self-care products, there are some things designed specifically for mamas. Looking for self-care products with natural, safe ingredients now makes it simple to stick with your routine once your baby comes. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Snag Some Comfy PJs

Last but not least, put your comfort on full blast with a comfy pair of pajamas. Look for maternity pajamas that grow with you, as well as some bottoms that you can use postpartum. 

Comfy clothing and fabric make all the difference when your body is changing. You want to feel as comfortable as possible both now and during the recovery process after the baby comes. These are also perfect for relaxing while you apply a face mask or foot scrub

Put Yourself First, Mama

As a mama-to-be, you've got to learn how to put yourself first when it matters most. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the planning involved with being a new parent, but don't forget to take some time for your own self-care. 

How do you create a self-care routine that works for you? What are your favorite ways to treat yourself?