Self-Care Ideas You Can Do With Your Baby Around

We talk a lot about self-care on Babe and Body. As a brand that's all about empowering moms to take time for themselves, we know how important it is for mamas to carve out alone time that puts their needs first. 

While a lot of self-care guides encourage mamas to get a bit of time away from the little one, this isn't always possible. For stay-at-home moms and moms of newborns, you might not be able to have that much-needed alone time just for yourself. 

However, not all self-care has to be done when you're with friends or alone. Try these self-care ideas that are perfect for when the baby is around. 

tea cup with bath salts

Soak Your Feet

If you're a new mom or just a mom who's running around all day, your feet might need a bit of a break. Swelling is a common pregnancy symptom, and it might not go away as soon as you give birth. 

While it might seem trivial, this is a relaxing way to literally "put your feet up" for a while. Get a large bowl or tub and some warm water and your favorite bath salt for some added soothing power. 

Our Bonding Bath milk bath releases the most relaxing chamomile and lavender scent, and it's also soothing on sore skin. For an emphasis on labor recovery, try our SOS Labor Recovery Epsom salt and aloe bath. 

Read a Book or Listen to a Podcast

During naptime, you might not be able to escape from the baby. Sometimes they fall asleep on you, and all mamas know it's not worth the trouble to move them. 

If you have to keep quiet and still during naptime, you can still enjoy some relaxation. Read a book, whether you use an e-reader or physical copy. Audiobooks are also very popular and easy to find. For another simple activity, listen to a podcast for moms

Go Outside

The Great Outdoors is good for both you and baby. When you're spending endless hours indoors trapped in your routine, it's easy to go stir crazy. 

If you're not yet comfortable running errands with the little one, you can still get some rays. Sunshine increases serotonin levels, helping with anxiety and mood regulation. Take a walk around the block, go to the park, or just sit in the backyard. 

The Full 8 hours sleepytime scrub

Image from @AubreyyCook

Take a Nap

This might be simple, but don't underestimate the power of taking a nap. Naptime isn't just for little ones! Parents often struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, so catch any zzzs you can during the baby's naptime. 

To ease your way into your sleep routine, don't be afraid to get a helping hand. The Full 8 Hours body scrub has aromatherapeutic essential oils to help you sleep better no matter how many hours you can fit in. 

Connect with a Friend

Finally, it's time to get some real human interactions. While you spend endless hours with another human all day long (ie. your baby), they're not exactly a skilled conversationalist. 

Invite a friend over to sit and chat. Even if they just pop by for coffee or breakfast, take this time to connect with them.

In the first months (or years) or your child's life, it's hard to keep those adult connections you value so much. Putting in this time, even if the baby is with you, helps keep your friendships intact. 

Small Acts of Self-Care

Self-care doesn't need to be a grand gesture or a complicated practice. Sometimes it's just the little things we do every day. Even if you're struggling with a busy schedule, these ideas above are perfect even when you've got the little one with you. 

How do you practice self-care with your baby? Which of these ideas are you most excited to try?