What Are the Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

A baby shower is the chance to celebrate a mama-to-be's approaching due date. Because baby shower etiquette isn't always clear, how do you make sure this is a special day for your friend or family member?

One of the biggest challenges of baby showers is coming up with the best gift ideas. Most moms-to-be have their own gift registry, but you don't have to limit yourself to this. The baby shower is a chance to equip mama with everything she needs to navigate motherhood with ease. What are the best gifts?

Baby shower gift ideas

1. Baby Journal

A baby journal is a great way to ease anxiety during pregnancy and also after the baby is born. Not only is this a charming keepsake, but it can be used for the baby's first year. With sections for notes, medical logs, scrapbooking, and journaling, this is a great gift that keeps on giving. 

2. Portable Diaper Caddy

While a close family member typically gifts larger changing tables, new parents will find themselves changing diapers at all kinds of strange places around the home. 

A portable diaper caddy makes it easy for parents to bring everything they need to different spots in the house. Better yet, fill the caddy with lotions, diapers, and wipes so they're ready to go. Add a few favorites for mama, as well, like a baby-safe face moisturizer or skin toner

3. New Mom Survival Kit

Create your own new mom survival kit to make sure the new mom in your life has everything they need. This can include things like chocolate, wet wipes, lip balm, and a coffee gift card. 

Get creative and use things you know she'll love! If you're a mom yourself, think about the small things you wish you had. If not, ask some of your mom friends.

Gift set for mama to be

4. Mama and Baby Safe Self-Care

Did you know that not all beauty and self-care products are safe for mama and baby? Treat the mom-to-be in your life with some products she can use before and after the birth of her baby.

An all-natural shower scrub to help relieve her aches and pains is a great idea, but don't limit yourself to this alone. We also have some fabulous gift sets that are perfect for baby showers. 

5. Door Sign

Another unique gift she'll surely appreciate is a door sign or a doormat. New moms all know the struggle of people knocking at the door during naptime. This is a huge no-no, but how do you communicate with the outside world that you need quiet?

A "sleeping baby" doormat or sign makes it simple for the postman, delivery people, and visiting friends. This is a lifesaver!

6. Phone Holder

For busy moms pushing around strollers several hours a day, a phone holder is a must. Having that extra free hand is such a huge help.

A phone holder clips onto the handle of a stroller so you can easily chat with friends, Facetime, or answer messages all without fumbling to hold everything. 

7. Wine

While she can't drink it right now, having a bottle of wine at the ready for those late-nights and cranky afternoons. It's called "mama juice" for a reason! 

Having a glass of nice wine after a long day is a glorious treat for moms. She's sure to thank you later!

8. Babysitting Gift Cards

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a new mom is to gift your time! By offering to take over babysitting for the little one when mama needs to recharge, she can make sure she's putting herself first when needed. 

In addition to babysitting, you could also offer to help with chores around the house, go grocery shopping, or watch older kids. These are all a huge relief!

Treat the New Mom in Your Life

The baby shower is the perfect chance to show the soon-to-be-mom in your life what she means to you. Even if you're not a mom yourself, you can offer support by gifting a thoughtful product or your time. 

Whether you gift a self-care scrub or a bottle of wine, she's sure to appreciate it. As the saying goes, it's the thought that counts.