What Are the Best Things to Do for a New Mom?

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, and they're not lying. Caring for a new baby is a lot of work. New moms and dads alike need a lot of extra help during those early days, and this is where friends and family can shine. 

While both parents need support, new moms, in particular, have extra stress during this time. Depending on the labor, the mom might be physically recovering. There are hormone changes, lingering pregnancy symptoms, and mom brain symptoms that get in the way during the first weeks of the new baby's life. 

Luckily, it's easy to lend a helping hand when it's needed most. Here are the best things to do for a new mom after the baby arrives. 

Thing to do for the new mom in your life

1. Drop Off Food

Food really does make everything better. New parents are busy taking care of the baby. Cooking a healthy, delicious meal is the last thing on their mind. A lot of new parents don't even remember to feed themselves!

Dropping by to share a homecooked meal is a great thing to do for the new mom in your life. The best things to bring are frozen meals that are easy to microwave later. Freezing a casserole or pasta dish will be such a treat for new parents! Just make sure to store it in a dish you don't need back. Putting food vouchers in a new mom survival kit is the ultimate treat. 

2. Bring Diapers

You can never have too many diapers. When in doubt about what to bring to a new mom, bring diapers. She'll always be grateful! Diapers or wipes are a safe, thoughtful gift.

Before bringing diapers, make sure to check what size is needed. When in doubt, bigger is better since the baby can grow into them. 

3. Watch Older Kids

If your new mom friend has any older kids to keep an eye on, offer a helping hand. Managing older children is a challenge on the best of days. It's especially difficult with a new baby in the house. 

Stopping over to watch the kids while she spends time with the baby is such a blessing. It's even better if you can watch all the kids, giving her a chance to shower, apply a face mask, or just spend some time alone

New mom kit

4. Prepare a New Mom Kit

New moms need a lot of things. However, the new mom in your life likely already has an endless supply of diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, and onesies. What she needs is stuff for her. 

Make her life a bit easier by creating a new mom kit. Include some much-needed self-care items as well as more practical things. Here are some suggestions:

5. Take Photos

Most new moms already have baby photos covered. They spend a portion of their days snapping photos of the little one. Yet, how many photos have her in them too? These are the moments she'll want to remember in years to come. 

Help out the new mom in your life by bringing your camera over to snap some photos of the two of them. If her partner is there, even better! Everyone can join in a family portrait. 

6. Stay the Night

If you're especially close to the new mom in your life, offer the stay the night. Sleep deprivation is a real thing for new parents. Having an extra hand at 2 am means so much to those struggling to catch enough zzz's. 

Ask if it's okay to spend the night. Then, be there to help (or take over) with feedings and soothing the baby throughout the night. Gifting her a sleepytime body scrub is a great way to ensure she has the best night's sleep. If you can part with one sleepless night, mama will be so thankful. 

7. Know When to Leave

Finally, make sure you know when it's time to leave. Being around a new baby is so exciting! Babys are cute, of course, and it's fun to spend this time with the new parents. However, it's also important to know when to make your exit. 

New moms need their rest. If you've been around for a while, give the family time to rest. It's understandable to want to catch up with the new mom in your life, but keep an eye out for signs that she's tired or overwhelmed. 

How Can You Help?

New moms especially need that extra helping hand during the first few weeks of their baby's life. This is an exciting time, but it's also a stressful one.

If you're looking for a way to treat the new mom in your life, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Giving a thoughtful gift or your own time goes a long way.