What to Put in a New Mom Survival Kit?

A new mom survival kit is a way to treat the new mom in your life. Having a baby is hard work, but it's what comes after that's even harder. Sleep deprivation, diaper changes, and spending endless hours with an infant takes a toll on a person. How can you help this new mama make it through with confidence?

Gifting a new mom survival kit is always welcome. While new mamas always stock up on diapers, diaper cream, and bottles, they usually forget about themselves. Show her how much she matters with a thoughtful new mom survival kit. This makes a great holiday gift for moms, but it's also a welcome present all year long.

What should you put in a new mom survival kit 

How to Gift Your New Mom Survival Kit

When putting together your kit for your loved one, pay attention to how you put it together. While gift bags are fun and cute, consider using something practical. New moms love practical gifts! Here are some ideas for "gift wrap" that can be reused:

  • A cute basket that doubles as storage
  • Diaper bag
  • Tote bag
  • Decorative vase or jar

Presentation isn't everything, but it always helps. Making sure the entire gift can be put to use goes a long way. These also make perfect gifts for baby showers

What to Put in Your Survival Kit for New Moms

Now let's talk about what to pack in your kit. There are so many options to consider, and you'll want to take your loved one's personality and needs into account. However, make sure the focus is all on her. 

Sitz Bath

A post-partum herbal sitz bath is a great way to relax and speed up the healing process. Plus, new moms always need to carve out some time for themselves

Because the new mom in your life is likely dealing with some aches and pains, treat her to a relaxing sitz bath that's easy to use. Gifting our SOS Labor Recovery bath and scrub makes sure she has everything she needs. 

Lip Balm

Your loved one's body is undergoing a number of hormonal changes. When you pair that with the cool air of the hospital, you've got a recipe for chapped lips. Help her heal her lips with a natural, easy-to-use lip balm or lip scrub


We know batteries aren't fun or exciting, but they're often forgotten. From baby toys to baby monitors, so many things need batteries. Help her avoid late-night trips to the store with a pack of batteries she can keep on hand. 

Dry Shampoo

The stereotype that new moms don't often have time to shower is more than a little bit true. When you're always holding onto baby, your hair takes a backseat. Dry shampoo is a real lifesaver for these moments!

A little bit of dry shampoo in her hair roots will leave her feeling refreshed and clean. Pair this gift with our Power Greens natural scalp scrub so she can defeat her postpartum hair troubles

On-The-Go Detergent

Newborns are messy! They love to produce stains, and we can't always throw things in the wash right away. To fight against spit up, gift the new mom in your life an on-the-go detergent pen or wipes. These will definitely come in handy!

what to put in a new mom survival kit body scrubs

Self-Care Pampering Products

Gift her something she can use for herself. Self-care isn't always on one's radar right after having a baby. That's understandable.

But when she does find time for herself, make sure she can use it to her full advantage. Gifting a body scrub for aches and pains or a relaxing face mask helps her get some much-needed mama time.

Healthy Snacks

Moms sometimes get so busy, they forget to eat when they're hungry. Make this a bit easier by gifting some healthy snacks she can use on-the-go.

A snack is an easy way for her to refuel whenever she finds a free moment. They're also perfect to throw in a diaper bag! Help her stock up so she's never hungry.

Food Gift Cards

Finally, gift her something she'll be excited to use like a food gift card. Offering a gift card to a food delivery service or her favorite take-out place helps her enjoy a good meal without the hassle.

Everyone loves a yummy meal, especially new moms in need of fuel! If you'd rather make something yourself, you can also drop off her favorite cooked dish.

Help the New Mom in Your Life

Gifting a new mom survival kit is a way to show you're thinking of a new mom in her time of need. Having a new baby brings a lot of changes. Offering your help, even if just in small ways, goes a long way. 

Aside from these gifts above, review our list of the best things to do for a new mom. Pairing your helping hands with a survival kit is a match made in heaven.