When Does Your Baby Start Loving You?

There's no greater bond than the connection between baby and mama (or dad). Your baby actually learns how to be affectionate from you, so it's exciting to wonder when your baby will start showing their love. From sloppy baby kisses to cuddles, there are a lot of ways babies start loving you. 

When your baby is young, they don't really understand what love is, but they still feel a connection. They know you're their mama, and they know they love being around you. Let's talk about when your baby starts loving you and how they show it. 

When does your baby start loving you?

When Does Love Start?

Your baby starts to love you during their earliest days. Though newborns can't communicate effectively yet, it's easy to assume they don't even know who you are. In reality, this attachment is a vital part of your baby's development

When your baby is in the womb, you might be preoccupied with morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, but your baby is focused on connecting. Babies hear, feel, and smell their mothers from the womb, so this bond starts very early. 

As your baby ages, he or she will bond with people who regularly care for them. Since your baby is dependent on caregivers, these are the strongest connections. If you're wondering when your baby starts loving you, the answer is right away

How Do Babies Show Their Love?

Even though babies feel a lot of affection, they don't always show it as clearly as you might think. The more you know about your baby, the better equipped you'll be to pick up on these subtle signs that they care about you. 

Before 8 Months

Before your baby turns 8 months old, it'll be difficult to pick up on these signs. They'll be very subtle! Look for these signs of your baby's love:

  • He cries for you
  • She loves to look into your eyes
  • She smiles at you
  • He wants you around

Between 8 months and 3 years

For older infants and toddlers, they're becoming a bit more vocal with their feelings. It's easier to pick up on these signs:

  • He mirrors your expressions
  • She copies your behavior
  • He comes to you for comfort

Between 3 to 5 years

For preschool-aged children, it's easier to find the words to say. Finally, your child might start saying he loves you. What a gift! In addition, you'll notice these signs:

  • You're her role model
  • She acts out for your attention
  • He gives you gifts
  • She celebrates your return home
  • He hurts you with his words

Kids are often complicated with how they express their emotions, so paying attention to these subtle clues is a way to increase your personal bond between mama and child. 

How to Bond with Your Baby

Since young babies don't understand your words so much as the tone, you can strengthen your bond with them in a few different ways. Bonding with your baby increases your closeness and builds trust. 

Cuddle baby

One of the best ways to bond is also the easiest—cuddle with them. Babies love contact. They want to be touched, preferably skin-to-skin, so give in to this urge. Human touch is soothing for both you and baby!

If you use a special facial moisturizer, your baby starts to recognize this smell and associate it with you. Don't underestimate the power of recognition!

Communicate with baby

Even if your baby doesn't understand what you're saying, they do love to listen. Talk to your baby directly and softly. Look into her eyes and narrate what you're doing, your thoughts, and your feelings. They love the sound of your voice, and this strengthens your connection. 

Breastfeed your baby

While not for everyone, breastfeeding is an excellent way to boost your bond between baby and mama. When you breastfeed, your body releases hormones that promote relaxation and love.

To help your body through the breastfeeding process, use self-care products like our Milk Jugs scrub for milk production. Your breasts need some TLC too! 

Take a bonding bath

Baths aren't just for baby! Joining your baby in a relaxing milk bath gives you a chance to reconnect all alone. Add our Bonding Bath to your pre-bedtime routine to lull yourself (and baby) to dreamland every night. Not only is the milk bath soothing for your skin, but it's also a great chance to connect. 

Create Lifelong Bonds

The connection between mama and baby is one of the strongest you'll ever experience. Now that you know how your baby feels about you as well, you're ready to pick up on those subtle ways he tells you he loves you. 

When it comes to connecting with your baby, trust yourself. You know your baby best! These bonds of babyhood form a lifetime of trust.